Here are some pictures of Heavy Metal :
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'This perfect Lockheed was on display at Reno 1999.

Click it big ! Click it big A really nice plane !

'Grumman Albatross - seen at Stead Airfield.

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The marvellous Lockheed C-121A (military version of the L-749) came to Europe in summer 98.
These photographs were taken by me at Hamburg Fuhlsbuettel (EDDH) in Germany.

Click this Connie ! Click the Connie big ! Click me - Im a Connie !

'Aluminum Overcast' is the name of this B-17 Flying Fortress. I took these pictures at Wiley Post Airport
(Oklahoma City) in Oktober 1998. Owner of this big beauty is the EAA.

EAAs B-17 - Click it big ! Nose-Art of EAAs B-17 - Click to watch the details  ! A really nice panel - Click it big !

This Lockheed P-2H Neptune is used by the California Forest Protection Service. Some planes of this
model were stripped of their military equipment and converted to Fire Fighting aircraft after being used
by the military as submarine hunters. They are quite big, their size nearly equals
a Boeing 737-200 (But they sound much better with their 2 big Wright RR-3350).

 Lockheed Neptune - Click it big !

The next picture is courtesy of Bill Burr (Florida). The Super-DC3 is owned by Charlie Clements and was present at the Sun 'n' Fun, Florida, April 1999.

Super DC3