All planes on this page were flewn for fire-fighting-missions from the CDF-base at
Redding Municipal Airport. All pictures were taken there on a really busy day in
October 1999, except the two pics of the DC-4 (C-54 Skymaster) at take-off from
Reno´s Stead Airfield.

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f18-3.jpg f124-4.jpg
f160-2.jpg f18-1.jpg
f18-2.jpg f12-2.jpg
f26-1.jpg f26-4.jpg
f99-1.jpg f160-4.jpg

fp26-3.jpg fp124-1.jpg
fp26-2.jpg fp12-1.jpg
fp78-1.jpg fp99-2.jpg

fxp124-3.jpg fxp124-2.jpg
fxp160-1.jpg fxp160-3.jpg