Improvements for Microsoft Flight Simulator
(FS 2000, CFS and FS98)

Itīs easy to improve the default programs by using additional or alternative files.
Many thousands of them are freeware. The authors of the files do great work.
With their products you can add new types of planes, sceneries, panels and much
more nice stuff to your program.

You can get those files as zip-files for example at .
They mostly include a readme-text in which is explained how to use them.
Try it - itīs easy. Here I show you some thumbnailed (click it big !)
screenshots of some nice planes.

Thanks to Alain L'Homme, Milan Lisner, Shigeru Tanaka, Chuck Dome, Roger Dial,
Mike Hambly, Bruce Thorsonand, Oscar, Max Roodveldt, Jiri Brozek, Jiri Masnik,
Dean Reimer, Roland Stuck, Paul Conley many more we don`t have to torture our
computers with Microsoftīs standard planes.
Even Air Racing is possible with some add-ons.


fsf8f.jpg fsalbatros1.jpg fsgg3a.jpg fsgg3b.jpg
fsalbatros2.jpg fsalbatros3.jpg fsalbatros4.jpg fszero.jpg
fsma1.jpg fsma2.jpg fscm.jpg race707.jpg - yes, you can race virtually everything


Add-on-files are also available for CFS and CFS2.
Here you can see Alain H'ommes model of Big Beautiful Doll together with the default Mustang:

cfs3.jpg cfs2.jpg cfs1.jpg

See these screenshots of my homebase for real flying, a gliderport named Boberg at
the edge of the city of Hamburg. Thank you, Rainer Lund, for this fabulous scenery !

fsboberg4.jpg fsboberg3.jpg fsboberg2.jpg fsboberg5.jpg
fsboberg1.jpg fsboberg7holtorfsloh.jpg fsboberg6.jpg

And sometimes flightsimmers explore some similarities to the real world of aviation (Does Airbus eat Boeing ?)

fsaeb1.jpg fsaeb2.jpg fsaeb3.jpg fsaeb4.jpg