Ron Buccarelli´s first qualifying attempt on Monday was clocked at
381.539 mph. A failing alternator and a bad performing battery led
to an abort of the next flight. After repairs and the next polish
of it´s shiny exterior Ron Buccarelli improved his qal speed on
Wednesday to 383.752 mph.

In Thursdays bronze race Precious Metal finished second at 378.563
mph behind Joe Thibodeau in race#21. Because September Pops couldn´t
race at that time, both moved up into the Silver class where Ron
finished on Friday in 5th position at a race speed of 371.895 mph.
On Saturday he did the same about 5mph faster.

In Sunday´s Silver Final Race with it´s awful wind and dust Ron
started in 4th place, moved up to 3rd and finished in 3rd position
knowing that both racers in front of him had pylon cuts on the 1st
lap. After the race Ron was told, that he also had cut a pylon,
which wasn´t noticed by most people - even not recognized by the
pilot himself... But the decision was made and Ron also got a 14
second penalty. That led to an official race-speed of 381.358 -
less than 7 mph behind the winner. But unfortunately this also
meant: No silver trophy for this silver shinining Precious Metal
this year. Good luck for the next time - Race#38 is one of the
most beautiful planes around and has definitely the best sound of
all V12-racers this year.

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