As always since Bob Button´s racer got this paintsceme, Voodoo looked as if it´s the
fastest plane on earth. On Tuesday pilot Matt Jackson flew her to a qualifying speed of
432.042 mph, which was the 5th fastest by Wednesday evening. Due to this, Voodoo´s
first heat race was on Friday - that became a nice cruise averaging 403.311 mph.
In Saturday´s Goldheat, we saw a promising 435.380 mph and on Sunday Voodoo took 3rd
at 435.614 mph. Voodoo always seemed to be in good shape and we never saw the crew
with so little work to do in the Voodoo-pit. This was a successful and hopefully relaxing
year after all that stress in the past... Maybe Voodoo will be pushed harder again
next year - she still is a potential Gold-Winner.

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